Ceilings Brisbane

When it comes to Ceiling installations in Brisbane, we use the best quality materials required in order to meet all of your ceiling needs. As a company we are fully insured with Public Liability, Personal Injury and Work Cover. Our services offer very good value for money and to work within your budget. Whether looking for suspended grid and tile, acoustical or plaster board ceilings it is our work quality, craftsmanship and values, combined with our reputation which works majorly in your favour. Thus for us, no job is too big or too small, we undertake projects of any size, we are certified thus to follow all the necessary compliances and mandatory guidelines required to get the job done. So if you are searching for a cost effective, professional supplier and installer, when it comes to Ceilings Brisbane then contact us at Alpha Ceilings and Partitions today.

Tile Ceilings

Tile Ceilings are essentially lightweight and mostly used in building interiors. Our tiles have Standard tiles range of 1200mmx600mm or 600mmx600mm. We have wide variety of finishes and sound ratings to the acoustic tiles, which are ideal for office interiors. Vinyl faced plasterboard tiles provide a clean, white finish that can be wiped clean and are better in areas exposed to moisture. Tile ceilings Brisbane are a regular staple in Commercial spaces and homes. So if you would like to know more about tile ceilings in Brisbane, then Contact us at Alpha Ceilings and Partitions today.

Grid Ceilings

A secondary or dropped ceiling hung below the main roof, or floor above, is referred to as a Grid ceiling. Grid Ceilings have panels that can be slid in and out of the grid. Grid ceilings are quite popular for their sound absorption qualities, have thermal qualities and can keep the room cool or warm and also have a good appearance. Grid ceilings Brisbane and Sunshine Coast are ideal for various environments, providing a clean aesthetic appearance for your workplace, whilst also having thermal qualities to keep rooms warm or cool, and acoustic values to suit your requirements. If you are in Brisbane and Sunshine Coast, and want to update your old ceiling, or need a new one in your new build, when it comes grid ceilings Brisbane then contact us at Alpha Ceilings and Partitions today.

Acoustic Ceilings

Acoustical ceilings are a great way to decrease noise, echo and reverberation within a space. There are also additional ways to soundproof an area, to reduce, or stop noise travelling from one room to another, this is achieved by creating a barrier to stop the flow of sound, and is another part of Alpha Ceilings and Partitions services.

Acoustic ceilings come in a range of finishes patterns, and sizes to suit your budget, preference, and sound quality requirements. Acoustic ceilings are commonly used in offices, schools, theatres, retail shops amongst others. Acoustic ceilings Brisbane and Sunshine Coast is a reasonably priced, and effective way to get not just a better aesthetic, but also a better sound quality.

Flush, Set Ceilings

Flush, Set Ceilings are ideal for a clean, seamless look. Perimeters can be finished as square set, shadow line or cornice. Steel furring channel are attached to a sub grid, which is suspended from the structure above, with a choice of plasterboard or wet area board to suit the environment, all joints are plastered and sanded smooth, ready for painting. Often used in wet areas, kitchens/food prep, toilets/bathrooms or domestic situations. Access panels can be fitted as required to enable access to services above the Feature ceilings. There are various choices of board offering different sound and fire ratings available.

Feature Ceilings

Fibre Optic Star Ceilings Brisbane

Ideal for home theatre Ceiling, child's bedrooms, these spectacular star ceilings are designed to suit the size of your room, incorporating bulkheads and suspended ceiling grid, with high quality acoustic ceiling panels, all black ceiling, with fibre optic systems to show starry effect.

Installation is quick, no mess, and the result is a much better acoustic environment for home theatres, improving sound quality for your movies, and black ceiling with points of lights, twinkling stars, planet scapes, moon designs, Laser Design Picture Ceilings, home theatre ceiling, full night sky options available, your imagination can become reality.

The ceiling panels can all be removed easily for any maintenance, or future works, so this really is a convenient, yet dramatic option for your home theatre.

Laser Design Custom Picture Ceilings

Make your suspended ceiling system stand out. We can create wonderful sky scenes in your ceiling. We can take a section of your ceiling and digitally print graphics to panels, to create a window to the above space. Common choices are blue skies with a few clouds, others have tall skyscrapers lurching up besides your building, and you could choose a jungle setting with huge tropical tree canopies hanging over you, may be go back in time and have dinosaurs stomping around t-rex stooping into your room..... You can choose from thousands of images and designs, we can help you achieve the look you want.

Businesses can have their logo designed and printed onto the ceiling; maybe in a reception area you could have a company logo, or something more dramatic.

We can install new ceiling grid and tiles, and incorporate the designs you want, or simply install new panels into your existing ceiling.

Perfect for commercial interiors where suspended ceilings are very common, this is a great way to make a feature, and statement, to make your business stand out.

Some of the Benefits of Installing Ceilings

  • Incomparable design choices in a range of materials.
  • Easy to install, remove and replace.
  • It is easy to access electrical systems, ducts and pipes in case of repair or maintenance.
  • Ceilings are good for acoustics control and soundproofing of rooms.
  • Ceilings do provide thermal insulation and are moisture and droop-resistant.
  • Most ceilings are fireproof and come with fire safety features.
  • Ceilings are mostly made from materials that are eco-friendly and recyclable.
  • Ceilings do improve the energy efficiency and thus contribute to reduced electricity bills.

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